Softub Issues you may experience

Softub not running as it should do? Here are some examples of Problems we have come across

The motor unit keeps turning on and off in short cycles?
A. This is most likely to be the circuit board or relay or possibly both.
The tub is overheating?
A. This may be the temperature sensor or the circuit board.
The unit keeps tripping when i switch it on?
A. This could be the circuit board or the actual motor unit
When the unit turns the motor unit makes an unusual noise and does not start?
A. This could be several different things including, a loose split nut or O ring needs replacing, the pipe has come from another pipe, and the seal on the impeller needs replacing. The upper plumbing pipe has a hairline crack in it. (this can occur after removal of the motor unit from the tub).
When i press the + button on the top controller to increase the temperature it goes up but will then not go back down when i press the - button?
A. The top controller will probably need replacing. (Digital tops only)
There is a clicking when power is turned on to the tun, but it will not start?
A. This could be the relay or circuit board.
The light does not work when i press the light button?
A. It is very rare for the LED lights to fail and is most likely the light transformer in the motor unit. Occasionally it could be the top controller light button, but most likely to be the light transformer.
The motor runs but no water is been pumped into the tub?
A. This could be problems with the impeller and may need replacing. The shaft could be corroded or the bearings may need replacing.
There seems to be a leak from one of the pipes on the tub side?
A. If you have left your Softub full of water over winter, the water in the pipe work may have frozen and caused a hairline crack. Call for advice.