Softub Annual Service & Health Check

The Softub Annual Service & Health check is designed to maintain your Softub and prolong its life expectancy and prevent more damage through old seals leaking water.


Softub Annual Service & Health Check



Inital check for leaks

  • Check Impeller for signs of cracking ( advise if this needs replacing at additional cost) Replace impeller seal and wet end O ring. This is a preventative measure and can avoid the impeller leaking and casuing further damage later on.
  • Replace the Capacitor
  • Check wiring for any signs of wear or melting.
  • Pressure wet test unit and check the general operation of everything. Any issues that may be found will be reported back.
  • We will also clean the motor fabric and apply a special protector

We would recommend this service if your Softub is 3 years old or more.