Softub Clearwater Kit



Enjoy crystal clear water and minimise the amount of chlorine, ph-adjusters and other chemicals that you would usually need to add to your tub water by choosing this simple once- a- week water treatment. Softub Clear Water has been put together especially for our Softub range and does not only simplify your water care but is also more gentle on your skin and extends the life expectancy of your Softub.

One pack includes:

  • 2x 2 litres of Aquafinesse
  • 2x jars of chlorine granules
  • 6x filter cleaning tablets
  • 1x measuring cup
  • 1x chlorine measuring spatula
  • 1x Softub Clear Water Instructions

Additional information

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Buy 2 Softub Clearwater Kits and save £20! Two of these packs should last approximately 1 year.


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